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A list of free public matrix homeservers.
* By default, is used as a login to the clients, but an alternative server is better because you are de-central.
Choose your Homeserver Provider wisely, as they will be the party that has access to your unencrypted data.

[name] [homeserver] [version] [stats] [resp.] [ip extra] [ip country] [web] [comment]
Aria Network 1.33.0 99.8% 589 IPv6 DNSsec Italy client Aria Network provides public services s 1.34.0 100% 513 DNSsec Germany client a Selfhosted homeserver s
beerfactory 1.33.2 100% 365 none France client a Selfhosted homeserver s
chatcloud 1.33.2 99.9% 483 none Germany client Chat server s 1.33.2 100% 98 none USA client tech collective from Minneapolis s
dapor 1.34.0 99.6% 1165 none Germany client Selfhosted Server with FOSS projects s
envs 1.34.0 100% 382 none Germany client linux lovers, sysadmins, programmer and users s
freitrix 1.33.2 100% 422 none Germany client a Selfhosted homeserver s
G24 1.33.2 100% 622 IPv6 Austria client graz culture community s 1.31.0 100% 565 IPv6 Hungary client a Selfhosted homeserver s 1.34.0 99.8% 252 IPv6 DNSsec USA client open-registration server s
Joe's Site 1.33.2 99.9% 88 DNSsec google fiber USA client a Selfhosted homeserver s
kde 1.33.2 100% 414 none United Kingdom client kde community s
matrix 1.33.2 100% 165 IPv6 Cloudflare client The Default Official Matrix Server s
matrixchat pro 1.32.2 100% 701 IPv6 Cloudflare client open-registration server and matrix VMs s
monero social 1.33.2 99.6% 307 none USA client monero community s
mozilla 1.33.2 100% 273 none Cloudflare client SSO - mozilla community s 1.34.0 100% 665 IPv6 DNSsec Germany client nerds community s
Nice.sampler 1.33.2 99.9% 249 IPv6 DNSsec Canada client only nicers, no r*des allowed s
NicFab 1.34.0 99.9% 420 none Amazon AWS client a Selfhosted homeserver s
NitroChat 1.33.2 100% 1625 IPv6 Germany client hosted by s
NLtrix 1.34.0 100% 822 IPv6 DNSsec Netherlands client hosted by a Dutch Datacenter - BIT s
opentechtalks 1.34.0 83.9% 567 none Belgium client a Belgian Linuxuser community s
perthchat 1.33.2 97% 1014 none Australia client AU's first 1gbps server s
privacytools 1.32.2 97.3% 668 DNSsec Germany client public and secure services s
qunta 1.33.2 98.8% 977 IPv6 Cloudflare client a Selfhosted homeserver s
riotchat 1.29.0 100% 486 none Germany client a Selfhosted homeserver s
RU matrix 1.34.0 99.9% 1822 none Russia client Russian Matrix community s
sibnsk 1.33.2 100% 524 none Germany client Linux User Group from Novosibirsk s
sp-codes 1.34.0 100% 390 IPv6 Germany client a Selfhosted homeserver s
stratum 0 1.31.0 100% 413 IPv6 DNSsec Germany client German (Braunschweig) hackerspace s 1.33.2 100% 435 IPv6 Germany client Linux User in Bereich der Kirchen s
systemtest 1.33.2 100% 528 none Romania client a Selfhosted homeserver s
tchncs 1.34.0 100% 700 IPv6 Germany client a Selfhosted homeserver s 1.33.2 100% 594 none France client SSO - France talking community s
Toronto Mesh 1.31.0 100% 222 IPv6 USA client Community for open source and peer-to-peer tech s
tosdr 1.31.0 100% 496 none Germany client community about privacy policy's and terms s
valenciawireless 1.34.0 96.6% 678 none Spain client Valencia s 1.30.1 100% 697 none Netherlands client a non-profit internet service provider s

*[name] link to standard homepage | *[homeserver] address for client alternative homeserver | *[version] version number of synapse server software |
*[stats] percentage of uptime and link to stats | *[resp.] average response time in ms (lower better) | *[ip extra] extra info about domain and ip |
*[ip country] country where homeserver is located | *[web] client page for element | *[comment] info about homeserver

Uptime status page of the listed servers [check on federate port] . List is also available in JSON .

More lists of Matrix servers : ,,

A list of communities with public rooms

Deutschsprachige+deutschsprachige_community:matrix.orgGermanAll known rooms in German languages
hackerspaces BE+spaces:hackerspaces.beDutch/EnglishBelgium hackerspaces
Hungarian+magyarok:grin.huHungarianAll known rooms in Hungarian languages
jellyfin+jellyfin:matrix.orgEnglishFree Software Media System
City of Łódź citizens+lodz:matrix.orgPolishRooms and users related to the city of Łódź
The Matrix Community+community:matrix.orgEnglishAll known rooms about the Matrix protocol and implementations, curated by
Official Team+matrix:matrix.orgEnglishRooms and members of the core team
Matrix United+matrixunited:matrix.orgEnglishRooms following a basic Code of Conduct formulated by the Matrix United working group
Maunium+maunium:maunium.netEnglishMautrix/Maubot rooms
Nederlands+nederlands:nltrix.netDutchAll known rooms in Dutch language
Polska+polska:matrix.orgPolishAll known rooms in Polish language as well as Polish speaking users
Repressione Digitale+repressione-digitale:matrix.orgItalianItalian community about privacy, encryption, cyber security, free software and decentralisation
RSS dutch+rss:mtrx.anchel.nlDutchRSS feeds with retention 7 days max
Russian+ru:matrix.orgRussianAll known rooms in Russian languages
OpenTechTalks+opentechtalks:chat.opentechtalks.beDutchOpenSource Talk rooms
SNT+snt:utwente.ioEnglishStudenten Net Twente bridges owners and operators of

A list of Room directory address with public rooms

[name & address][language][comment]
chat.weho.stEnglishTech and more
disroot.orgEnglishTech and more
entropia.deGermanHacker Event
halogen.cityEnglishsome crxss
kamax.ioEnglishTech [mxisd]
matrix.orgEnglishThe big list on
mozilla.orgEnglishMozilla products
nltrix.netDutchTech and more

Or simply search it at Matrix rooms at

A list of public bridges

Telegram@telegrambot:services.aria-net.orgtelegram bridge hosted by aria-net.
Telegram@telegram:t2bot.iotelegram bridge hosted by
Telegram@telegrambot:tchncs.detelegram bridge hosted by
Telegram@telegram:integrations.snt.utwente.nltelegram bridge hosted by uTwente
Discord@_discord_bot:t2bot.iodiscord bridge hosted by
Discord@discord_bot:tchncs.dediscord bridge hosted by
IRCnet#_ircnet_#channame:irc.snt.utwente.nlIRCnet bridge hosted by uTwente
IRC freenode#freenode_#channame:matrix.orgfreenode bridge hosted by
IRC more ...#others#channame:morelist of irc bridges at github

For tips , adding & moderation, post in .